Freshwater Range

The Fresh water range is designed for 5 different tank capacities

  • 1-20 litre
  • 20-60 litre
  • 60-100 litre
  • 100-250 litre
  • 250-500 litre

There are 2 kits for each tank capacity:

Start-up Kit


Maintenance Kit

Each kit is designed with the suitable amount of all 3 products B-BAC, sale Health Treatment and General Treatment.

Each kit includes:

  1. A B-BAC sachet
  2. A Health Treatment sachet
  3. A General Treatment bottle with weekly markings

When starting out with Organic Aqua first select the size that best suits your tank.

A simple formula to work out the capacity of your tank is-

Length x Height x Width (in feet) x 6.23 = Gallons x 4.5 = Litres

So, for example- 4’ x 2’ x 1.5’ x 6.23 = 74.76 Gallons x 4.5 = 336 Litres

In this case the 250–500L sized kits are used.