Whats in this product and what does it do?B-Bac (Bacteria – Balancing Activating Conditioning)

This unique product is a cultivation of balanced bacteria grown, cialis over a period of 6 to 8 weeks, search in & amongst carefully selected non-toxic plant materials.

This treatment is designed to
• Immediately activate balanced bacteria, advice which will build a controlled ecosystem.
• When starting up a new tank it is no longer needed to depend on the filter to build up bacteria (which could take in excess of 2 weeks) before adding the fish. The cultivated bacteria in B-bac, allows you to stock your new tank to its full capacity immediately after this treatment has been added to the water.
• Condition the water immediately, creating a stress free, relaxing environment for your fish.
• Release natural soluble oils & essences immediately into the water.
• Turn dead tap water into controlled living water instantly, preventing “New Tank Syndrome”

General Treatment

This organic product biologically creates & maintains healthy, clean, natural water ecology.

This Treatment:
• Is made from carefully selected non-toxic plant materials.
• Cleans & dissolves all waste materials & decaying matter, biologically.
• Reduces & neutralizes toxic gases such as ammonia, nitrites, nitrates & phosphates (the general peaks in the nitrogen cycle).
• Releases & neutralizes toxic gases from the under layer & water, ensuring a “toxic-gas free” system.
• Acts against fungi.
• Controls and reduces algae growth.
• Clears cloudy water.
• Releases natural soluble oils & essences immediately into the water.
• Is Healthy for fish & plants.
• Helps to build up the fish immune system.
• Releases up to 80% more oxygen into the water.

Now that your fish are living in a healthy, natural, environment with General Treatment & B-bac, one can concentrate on building the immune system of the fish…

Health Treatment

Health Treatment is designed to boost the fish immune system and fight diseases. It is a colourless, organic treatment, healthy for all fish & plants. Health Treatment will not filter out and can be used to:

• Prevent Ick (white spot, a microscopic parasite commonly found in aquariums).
• Prevent the spreading of diseases and infections.
• Act against fungi.
• Treat & eliminate cysts and other diseases (especially on Koi and Goldfish)
• Condition & strengthen the skin which brightens the colours of the fish.
• Build up the immune system of the fish, which strengthens their resistance against the outbreak, & spreading of diseases & infections.
• Build up the slimy layer (protection layer) of the fish