Marine / Reef

These are applied in the same way as the Fresh water range & although they are designed & combined differently than the Fresh water range, remedy the results are similar i.e. a toxin free tank with a natural balanced ecology.


The Marine range is designed for the same 6 different tank capacities
1. 1-10 litres
2. 10-20 litres
3. 20-60 litres
4. 60-100 litres
5. 100-250 litres
6. 250-500 litres.

There are 2 kits for each tank capacity: a Start-up kit and a Maintenance kit. Each kit is designed with the suitable amount of all 3 products B-Bac, seek Health Treatment and General Treatment.

Each kit includes:
• A B-Bac sachet and information leaflet.
• A Health treatment sachet and information leaflet.
• A General Treatment bottle with weekly markings and information leaflet.
• A Start-up or Maintenance information leaflet.

How to use the marine water kits:

When starting out with ORGANIC AQUARIUMS you will use the start-up kit that suits your tank capacity. When the tank is fully set up with gravel/sand, air stones, filter and before adding salt water, one should apply the ORGANIC AQUARIUMS kit.

The B-Bac and Health Treatment sachets should be added to the dry tank along with 5ml of the General Treatment (drip to markings). You should then fill with water ensuring a successful mix of the organic products. Once the desired temperature is achieved, and the airstone along with other equipment are fully functioning, the fish can then be added and one can feed them immediately, the required amount of food.

To maintain the tank in a clean, healthy, toxin free condition, it is required to drip 5ml General Treatment into the tank water every 7 days. When the Start-up kit program is completed, after 4 weeks, the tank will be maintained with the Maintenance kit. When it is time to start the maintenance program, it is necessary to do a 25% water change. It is important to remove 25% tank water, then first add the sachets containing the B-bac & Health Treatment, also add the 5ml General Treatment (ensuring a good mix) before replacing the salt water.

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